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Succulents are the latest craze due to their easy care requirements and the many different varieties,  sizes and shapes. We have succulent gardens already designed or pick up individual pots and get  creative! The possibilities are endless!

Succulents can be used in open terrariums or in fairy gardens. When planting in terrariums, make  not to over water since there is no drainage.



Succulent Care

Light – Succulents prefer bright light such as a south window when indoors. If placed outdoors, most varieties require at least a half day of sunlight. Avoid hot, midday sun as some species may scorch. Alternatively, succulents that do not receive enough sun will begin to stretch.

Temperature – The ideal temperature for a succulent is between 70 – 80 degrees during the day, and 50 – 55 degrees at night. Succulents can survive in temperatures as low as 40 degrees for short periods of time.

Watering – During hotter months, succulents may require more water. In cooler months, succulents can go months without watering. Succulents do not like “wet feet”. Overwatering causes root rot and is the single most cause of plant failure. It is best to water thoroughly and leave until design becomes dry.Succlents

Succulent Varieties

We have a variety of succulents on hand and are continually getting new shipments in stock. We have succulents in 2″ – 6″ pots and have a variety of unique containers already designed. Here is just a few of the many varieties that we have:

succlent varieites

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