Waterlily Itoh Peony

Itoh Hybrid Peonies are a rare unique mix of a Garden Peony and Tree Peony. The very large semi-double blooms look very much like a water lily when in bloom. Easy to care for and keeps nice foliage throughout the season. These are a sought after variety by collectors and garden enthusiast. We ... View Post

Wonderful World of Succulents

   Succulents Succulents are the latest craze due to their easy care requirements and the many different varieties,  sizes and shapes. We have succulent gardens already designed or pick up individual pots and get  creative! The possibilities are endless! Succulents can be used in open ... View Post

PJM Rhododendron

These rhododendrons are a showstopper in the spring. They are a great performer in our warm climates. This is an excellent foundation shrub that is great as a hedge or as a stand alone shrub. These evergreens add life with beautiful blooms to otherwise dull evergreen plantings. They are very much ... View Post

Limelight Hydrangea

Our most popular question during the summer: "What is that shrub blooming out by the road?" Everyone loves our Limelight Hydrangea shrub. It is big, beautiful and full of blooms. The best part...it requires very little care! Limelights have unique bright chartreuse blooms in mid-summer that hold ... View Post